Anti-Corruption Fight Stepped up

Anti-Corruption Fight Stepped up
Anti-Corruption Fight Stepped up

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Monday urged authorities to make firm and practical decisions in the fight against corruption.

In a message addressed to a one-day conference on administrative corruption in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei said, "I appreciate the nature of attempts by the authorities. However, what kind of miracle do you expect by holding this seminar and similar events? Don't you have a clear understating of the current situation? Considering the appropriate and promising atmosphere of empathy and understanding that exists among officials, I expect the authorities to take firm and practical decisions without any considerations and implement those decisions, I wish you success," IRNA reported.  

President Hassan Rouhani also delivered a speech at the conference and referred to the monopoly of certain institutions and organizations in the society as a "breeding ground" for corruption. The president pointed to the necessity of providing a competitive environment in the society and said, "When all powers are concentrated in one institution, the result is corruption. If weapons, capital, newspapers and means of advertising all and all are gathered in one place, the outcome would doubtlessly be corruption."  

The president said corruption has a broad meaning, which is "when we replace our priorities, and allocate funds unfairly," that is an example of corruption.

***Transparent Laws

Rouhani said it is necessary to adopt transparent laws and regulations and cut the red tape to advance the anti-corruption campaign. "Cumbersome laws are a prelude to corruption."    

He said his administration is seeking to bring about prosperity for the society, curb economic recession and promote science and knowledge in the society, adding, "We should combat corruption simultaneously while we are trying to deal with inflation, stagnation and unemployment."  

The president described false accusations leveled against branches of government and individuals as an "clear example of corruption" and urged media, civil society as well as the general public to play a greater role to help eradicate corruption.

"We should utilize all our resources and potential in order to reduce corruption and prove to the public that there is firm resolve on the part of senior officials and middle managers to curb corruption."