Warmongering Will Not End Conflicts

Warmongering Will Not End ConflictsWarmongering Will Not End Conflicts

Iran is a supporter of international peace through respectful and honorable relations between nations and warmongering and intimidation cannot and will not solve global problems, said conservative presidential contender Ebrahim Raeisi, who lost to moderate Hassan Rouhani in the Friday vote.

In an interview with RT posted on its website Friday, the top judge said wars raging across the globe cannot be ended through warmongering, but through cooperation and respect for the democratic choices of the people.

“We said in Syria, and in other places, that under no circumstances are we of the opinion that war and warmongering is a means to resolve problems. Rather we said categorically that issues have to be solved by respecting and accepting people’s opinions in Syria or elsewhere.”

“We believe that a democratic solution is a good solution. Be it in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon or in many part of the world.” Iran desires “peace to prevail across the world,” according to Raeisi, as its doctrine is based on “preventing wars”.

Iran’s military buildup, including military drills and missile tests, only serves this purpose, Raeisi told the Russian outlet. “Military capability should not be used to threaten others, for warmongering.”

The road to peace goes through “dignified and honorable” relations with countries worldwide and specifically close cooperation with Iran’s neighbors, he said.

Cultural exchange, economic cooperation and social interaction” should play a key role, he noted, adding that those who seek tensions worldwide “should stop”.


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