Rouhani's Continued Presidency in National Interest

Rouhani's Continued Presidency in National Interest  Rouhani's Continued Presidency in National Interest

A senior parliamentarian said trusting the incumbent moderate President Hassan Rouhani for another term would be in the country's best interest as hawkish Republicans are in power in the US, which fact can stoke tensions and jeopardize the fate of the 2015 nuclear accord.  

"The experience President Rouhani has gained over the past four years can definitely be seen as a great [political] capital for the next four years," Ali Motahari was quoted as saying by IRNA in an address to a pro-Rouhani gathering in Tehran on Monday.

He referred to the historic nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which led to the removal of sanctions in exchange for curbs on Tehran's nuclear activities, as Rouhani's landmark achievement, noting that the deal has to be protected against threats to ensure its fruition.  

"It is highly probable that if another administration comes to power, JCPOA's implementation will remain incomplete," the lawmaker said.

US President Donald Trump, who is an opponent of JCPOA, has ordered a review to decide whether it is in the interest of the US to abide by the deal.  

Pointing to Rouhani's failure in fulfilling pledges he had made during the 2013 presidential campaign, the lawmaker called it "natural", saying what matters is that the country is on the right track with economy gradually moving toward full recovery.

Rouhani oversaw the conclusion of the nuclear agreement with world powers, welcomed by many Iranians, but discontent has risen over the lack of a broad improvement in living standards despite the lifting of most international sanctions. His election rivals have used the issue to question his track record.

Iranians will go to the polls on Friday to elect their next president.   

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