Support for Domestic Production Sector

Support for Domestic Production SectorSupport for Domestic Production Sector

Mostafa Mirsalim, one of the five candidates running for president, stressed the need for devising plans to curb contraband and crack down on organized smuggling to support domestic production.

Elaborating on his plans in case of winning the election in a televised program on Sunday, Mirsalim said the import of products that are being manufactured inside the country must be prohibited, Tasnim News Agency reported.

“We need to identify factors behind smuggling and counter them seriously,” he said, highlighting the need for the government’s support for local manufacturers to offer products at competitive prices.

The candidate, a former minister of culture, said he would focus on knowledge-based and scientific activities, emphasizing that transition of knowledge to the young generation will result in increased efficiency. As regards plans for reducing unemployment, he said he has good experience of “executive measures” to create jobs for the youth in the industrial sector and academic centers.


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