Rouhani Gov't Trans-Factional

Rouhani Govt Trans-FactionalRouhani Govt Trans-Factional

A senior official said the government of incumbent President Hassan Rouhani is trans-factional and not dominated by reformists, and it will remain the same in its prospective second term.

Vice President for Legal Affairs Majid Ansari made the tatement while speaking to ISNA on Tuesday, noting that for the same reason, a broad spectrum of political factions have thrown their weight behind Rouhani's reelection bid.

"In the previous vote, Rouhani's campaign was boosted by supporters ranging from independents to moderates and even moderate principlists, and their backing is still there," he said.

In the context of Iranian politics, moderates usually refer to pro-Rouhani elements. Rouhani won office in the 2013 on a platform of improving Iran's nternational relations and boosting the economy by removing international sanctions imposed over western allegation that Tehran was seeking nukes.

His victory was aided by a divided field of five principlist rivals who diluted their support by running against each other. In this year's vote set for May 19, Rouhani is challenged by three principlists who unanimously believe Rouhani has failed to revitalize the economy.

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