Crackdown on US Protesters Denounced

Crackdown on US Protesters Denounced
Crackdown on US Protesters Denounced

The foreign ministry spokesperson denounced crackdown on US demonstrators who are protesting police violence against minority groups.

“The large demonstrations of the US people in protest at the institutionalized racism and violence against people of color are indicative of chronic wounds in the US society,” Marzieh Afkham said on Sunday, according to a press release. She criticized the US police for using lethal force against minority groups and the country’s judicial system for giving the green light to racial discrimination and said, “This condition indicates the obvious gap between the claim of democracy and civil participation and the political realities in the United States.”

She said US politicians and statesmen should take a closer look into their internal affairs, adding, “The US administration has fallen short of addressing its internal affairs over the past decades as a result of misusing human rights, adopting double standards and persistently condemning other states.”

“Human rights is a general concept embracing all human beings, it is time to stop viewing it from a political perspective and implement it equally for all the nations without discrimination.”

“The US administration and judicial system are expected to fulfill their responsibilities and treat their citizens on the basis of law and justice and stop practicing racial discrimination and inhumane manners,” she added.

A fresh wave of demonstrations began in New York and other US cities on Wednesday after a grand jury declined to bring charges against Daniel Pantaleo, a white New York City police officer, in the July death of Eric Garner, a black 43-year-old father of six.

That decision came nine days after a Missouri grand jury chose not to indict a white policeman for the shooting death in August of an unarmed black teenager, spurring two nights of arson and unrest in a St. Louis suburb.