Qalibaf Promises More JCPOA Benefits

Qalibaf Promises More JCPOA Benefits
Qalibaf Promises More JCPOA Benefits

Presidential hopeful Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said his prospective administration stays bound by the July 2015 nuclear deal, but it would get the other side of the deal to give Iranians the expected economic benefits.

The deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was concluded in July 2015 between Iran and major powers.

In an interview with IRIB News on Thursday, the candidate described the pact as unalterable and a national commitment that “any government, including mine, would support and protect.”

Qalibaf said the problem with the incumbent government is that it does not wield enough power and influence to make the other side meet its end of the bargain.

“In fact, they have got the check, but can’t cash it,” Qalibaf said, striking a chord with people who believe the removal of international sanctions under the deal has had no positive effect on their lives yet.

Incumbent government officials have been complaining to the international community for months that the deal has not brought them what it had been expected, putting the blame on the uncooperative behavior of the US.

Qalibaf did not elaborate on methods he would employ to maximize the JCPOA gains.

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