MPs Concerned Over Hamas Policy Document

MPs Concerned Over Hamas Policy DocumentMPs Concerned Over Hamas Policy Document

Iranian lawmakers expressed grave concerns about a new policy document published by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

The document, presented by Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Qatar's capital Doha on Monday, rejects the Israeli regime's right to exist and backs an armed struggle against it. Hamas, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, said in the document it agreed to a transitional Palestinian state within the borders of 1967, when Israel occupied Gaza, the West Bank and East Beit-ul-Moqaddas after a war with Arab states.

"Hamas advocates the liberation of all of Palestine but is ready to support the state on 1967 borders without recognizing Israel or ceding any rights," Reuters quoted Meshaal as saying.

Lawmaker Mohammad Javad Jamali told ICANA on Tuesday that Hamas has a habit of aligning itself with its sponsors, notably Qatar and Saudi Arabia that have secretly established relations with Israel.

"Hamas' financial backers have forced it to accept the 1967 borders. Creating a gap between Hamas and Iran is a strategy adopted by the Zionist regime, the US and reactionary Arabs for years. Now they are closer to the goal," he said. Lawmaker Hossein Naqavi Hosseini described the move as "a clear retreat" and "betrayal of resistance ideals" by a group that was supposed to defend the Palestinian nation.

"After several decades of resistance and paying a huge cost for it, these changes can be viewed as foolishness," he said.

"The course of developments implies that the Israeli regime is benefiting from the [global] silence and assistance of some Arab dictators to tighten its grip on the Palestinian lands."

Another parliamentarian, Mohammad Javad Abtahi, said the move shows that the anti-compromise wing of Hamas has been sidelined and a split within the group is possible.

The movement has been a leading force in the fight against Israel, which has waged three wars against the Gaza Strip since 2007, killing thousands of Palestinians.


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