Turkish Envoy Highlights Tehran-Ankara Partnership

Turkish Envoy Highlights Tehran-Ankara Partnership  Turkish Envoy Highlights Tehran-Ankara Partnership

Turkey's Ambassador in Tehran Reza Hakan Tekin said what goes on between Turkey and Iran is more of a partnership and not rivalry, stressing that Turkey has never sought Iran's international isolation.

"We have never been after Iran's isolation. Over the past years, many countries have tried to isolate Iran in the global arena, but Turkey's votes in many organizations even in the United Nations Security Council  have [mostly] been in Iran's favor," ISNA quoted Tekin as saying on Tuesday.

"Iran and Turkey are very close to each other and one of the most prominent advantages of the two countries is good relations between their nations," the top diplomat said, reiterating that even if there is a competition in some areas, it is definitely a "constructive" one.

Tekin did not deny differences between the countries' policies regarding some ongoing regional developments, including Syria's conflicts, and insisted that the two neighbors have to forge closer ties as a vital move for restoring regional stability and peace.

"Iran and Turkey are the two main non-Arab states in the region that need to bring their views closer over regional issues," he said.

"Both countries support Syria's territorial integrity and back a government favored by the Syrian nation. Though, huge discrepancies are visible between them over their methods to reach that goal."

Tehran backs Syrian President Bashar al- Assad by providing military consultancy, while Ankara supports rebels fighting to topple the Syrian government.

The Turkish envoy described Iran and Turkey's involvement in the Syrian peace process as a big step toward strengthening their own bonds.

Iran, Russia and Turkey, as sponsors of the peace process, known as Astana talks, have agreed on the establishment of a trilateral mechanism to ensure a ceasefire in Syria and monitor any violations.


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