Qalibaf Pledges to Create 5m Jobs If Elected President

Qalibaf Pledges to Create 5m Jobs If Elected PresidentQalibaf Pledges to Create 5m Jobs If Elected President

Presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf pledged to create at least five million jobs if he takes office, describing efforts to cut unemployment as a pressing need that would consequently prevent many other social harms and give rise to successful marriages.

Speaking in a television talk show on Monday night, Qalibaf highlighted his knowledge of approaches to tackle social harms during his terms as the police chief and Tehran mayor, Tasnim News Agency reported. The ex-IRGC general explained that after taking office, he would immediately set up a national job center system to enroll all applicants above the age of 18 looking for jobs across the country.

Qalibaf also criticized President Hassan Rouhani's economic policies, asserting that only 4% of the country's population have been granted special concessions, which have enabled them to make a fortune without any difficulty. He pledged to curb the administration's extravagant spending, reform the tax system to benefit local manufacturers and entrepreneurs, and to close the tax loopholes.

In the petrochemical industry alone, he explained, Iran has the capacity to create 200,000 direct and 400,000 indirect jobs for the production of every 1 million tons of petrochemical products. In addition, Qalibaf unveiled plans to limit the export of natural gas, saying this national asset could be used in a wide range of downstream industries that would create jobs in local companies and cut off the windfall for a small minority.

He pledged efforts to ensure economic welfare of the personnel of education and science ministries, which he described as two significant organizations shaping the future of the country.


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