Rouhani Reaffirms Commitment to Int’l Engagement

Rouhani Reaffirms Commitment to Int’l Engagement Rouhani Reaffirms Commitment to Int’l Engagement

President Hassan Rouhani outlined the foreign policy approach of his prospective second administration, saying it would still be based on constructive engagement with the world, particularly neighbors and Muslim countries.

"Our neighbors affect our security and national interests, and in view of the destabilized region, we should have political, economic and cultural interactions with them," IRNA quoted Rouhani as saying in an interview televised on Monday as part of his campaign activities.

The incumbent president started campaigning for his reelection on April 21, alongside five other hopefuls qualified by the election watchdog Guardians Council to run for the May 19 presidential poll.

Besides the unanimous support of reformists for Rouhani's bid, the fact that all Iranian presidents since 1981 have served two terms has boosted confidence in his victory among government backers.

Defending his foreign policy record, Rouhani said his administration has endeavored to improve Iran's international ties and succeeded in strengthening bonds of friendship with Middle East countries, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

Rouhani said his second government would continue to support regional nations against "Israel, interfering outsiders and terrorists."

The chief executive explained how he would deal with Donald Trump, the new US president who has taken a tough line on Iran and has repeated an almost forgotten mantra of previous US administrations that "all options are on the table" when dealing with Iran.

Rouhani said the US has not yet stopped machinations against the Iranian people, which started with its role in the 1953 coup for toppling a democratically-elected government.

"The best strategy toward US bullying is to boost national power and strengthen our unity," he said, adding that his administration has prepared options for giving a reciprocal response to anti-Iran American measures.


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