Rouhani: Int’l Interaction Key to Protecting People’s Rights

Rouhani: Int’l Interaction Key to Protecting People’s RightsRouhani: Int’l Interaction Key to Protecting People’s Rights

President Hassan Rouhani hailed people's tolerance of sanctions and their trust in the government's nuclear negotiations that resulted in the removal of the bans, stressing that safeguarding the nation's rights requires Iran's "constructive interaction" at the international level.

The president was quoted by his official website as addressing a meeting in Shiraz on Thursday, which was attended by youths and elites of Fars Province.

Rouhani arrived in the southern city on Wednesday, accompanied by a number of Cabinet members and vice presidents, to participate in a commemoration ceremony for Sa'di Shirazi, the eminent Iranian poet of the medieval period, and to inaugurate several development projects.

The president highlighted the significant role of constructive interaction with other states, calling it crucial to shaping a bright future for the country.

"We need to deal with the world and identify our target markets," he said.

Rouhani touched upon the constructive role of the 2015 historic nuclear deal with major powers, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, in promoting economic interaction under a constructive atmosphere, including the boost it gave to the country's drive to regain its position in the oil market.

"Today, we have managed to bring the pre-sanctions conditions back in oil exports," he said, stressing that solving all problems after so many years of political and economic restrictions is not a "one-day" task. The chief executive underlined the government's push to revive the economy and said, "Our efforts to promote relations with the world are aimed at securing people's rights, [generating] employment for the youth and [bringing] welfare for all."

Rouhani referred to the next month's presidential election and urged a huge turnout like the previous election in 2013, which brought him to office.

"Our people created a great epic in 2013 … Our victory or defeat lies in our own hands and we determine our own fate through participation [in the polls]. Fateful days are ahead and we ought not to forget that after hardship comes ease," he said. The government has managed to lower inflation from 45% to a single digit rate and non-oil exports have overtaken imports for the first time in over 60 years.

Rouhani concluded his speech by reiterating his motto that people show up in the polls again "for Iran, for Islam, for moderation, for hope".

Iranians will go to the polls on May 19 to take part in the concurrent presidential, city council and midterm parliamentary elections.


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