US Unfit to Comment on Human Rights

US Unfit to Comment on Human RightsUS Unfit to Comment on Human Rights

Washington’s mistreatment of ethnic groups disqualifies it from speaking about the situation of human rights in other countries, the deputy head of Iran’s Human Rights Headquarters for international affairs said.

“The United States is not qualified to speak about human rights conditions in other world countries,” Kazem Gharibabadi was quoted as saying by Fars News Agency on Sunday.

Gharibabadi’s remarks came in reaction to the recent US sanctions imposed on an Iranian judicial official and an entity affiliated to Iran’s State Prisons Organization.

The Iranian official condemned the US measures and said the US is not entitled to discuss human rights and accuse countries like Iran, which are themselves victims of human right abuses.

Gharibabadi reiterated that the US is facing charges of human rights violations inside and outside its borders and releasing reports on human rights conditions in other countries and providing sanctions list are aimed at diverting public opinion.

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