VP's Election Registration Tactical

VP's Election Registration TacticalVP's Election Registration Tactical

A senior member of the Reformist Policymaking Council said the last-minute entry of Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri in the presidential race was a tactical move by reformists aimed at hedging their electoral bets.

Reformists are unanimous about throwing their weight behind the incumbent Hassan Rouhani's reelection bid.

Hossein Marashi also told ISNA on Sunday that Jahangiri submitted his name on Saturday, the last registration day, out of concerns over possible obstacles to Rouhani's campaign for a second term.

"[Reformist leaders] also believe the election should be used for introducing reformist figures to the people and making the camp's voice heard in a better way," he said.

After filing paperwork, Jahangiri told reporters that he and Rouhani "complement" each other.

The vice president also said one of his motivations for becoming a candidate was to explain to the people how Rouhani's administration has improved Iran's economy, domestic politics, foreign relations and cultural conditions, among others.

Like other 1,635 hopefuls, Jahangiri's candidacy is subject to the approval of the Guardians Council, the 12-member body tasked with supervising all elections, except the city council polls.

Iran's economy will likely be the core of election campaigns, as Rouhani's rivals believe the removal of nuclear sanctions under the July 2015 nuclear deal has not delivered benefits promised by the incumbent during his 2013 electoral campaign.


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