Iran-Pak Efforts Will Help Underpin Peace

Iran-Pak Efforts Will Help Underpin Peace
Iran-Pak Efforts Will Help Underpin Peace

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says Iran and Pakistan are able to ensure security along the common border through increasing cooperation.   

In a meeting with Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain in Islamabad on Friday, Larijani said, "Bilateral cooperation between Iran and Pakistan is the only solution to the problem of criminals (operating) across the common border between the two states," ICANA reported.

He described the Pakistani government and nation as "Iran's good friends" and said, "The two countries enjoy long-lasting cultural ties, and I am sure our efforts to establish peace among the neighboring countries will produce a (positive) result."

"I believe that the enemies will take advantage of these problems and that extremism has emerged with their assistance," he noted.

The Majlis speaker stressed the necessity of bilateral cooperation to address the challenges facing Afghanistan and said, "We should help establish peace; and in this case we need your (Pakistan's) cooperation to find solutions for the problems."

He described Islamabad's stance on the fight against terrorism as "good" and "effective."

He pointed to the clashes that occur along the joint border and said criminals' activities in border areas "have created a negative atmosphere in Iran, and we should not allow them to undermine the two states' bilateral relations."

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Hussain, for his part, expressed content with his meeting with Larijani and said, "Your presence in our country is indicative of Iran's resolve to expand bilateral relations."

He touched on his meeting with President Hassan Rouhani in Kabul and said, "I held talks with President Rouhani on bilateral relations, particularly on border issues, during which I told him we can deal with criminals if we cooperate with each other."

The Pakistani president added, "We have always been seeking cordial relations with Iran and assure you that we seek close and good relations with all countries, particularly our neighbors."

Commenting on regional developments, Hussain said, "It is hoped that we have peace in the region. We will fight against terrorism and keep on fighting until eradication of violence."

The Majlis speaker also met with Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan Ayaz Sadiq, Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Nayyar Hussain Bukhari and leaders of Pakistani political parties on Thursday.