Gov’t Vows Greater Support for Producers

Gov’t Vows Greater  Support for ProducersGov’t Vows Greater  Support for Producers

President Hassan Rouhani said his administration has prepared the ground for people to engage in economic activities by strengthening small- and medium-sized enterprises and it is considering the extension of greater support for domestic producers in the new Iranian year (started March 21).

"Last year, the Central Bank of Iran did a valuable service by granting facilities to over 24,000 SMEs that were mostly inactive or partially active. It doesn't mean that there are no inactive economic units now, but what matters is that a right direction has been taken," he said.

Rouhani made the statement in a meeting with people in Noshahr in Mazandaran Province on Tuesday, his official website reported.

Defending his government's record, the chief executive said although it has not addressed all complaints of the nation, people can compare the path followed by the government with that of previous administrations.

"We never lied to people and the government has fulfilled the promises it gave to the nation to the extent possible," he said.

"The government has tried not to take hasty decisions and sought expert advice before taking any measure, and it has not refused to apologize to people for its mistakes".

Pointing to achievements gained under his watch, he said the government has managed to increase the country's foreign currency reserves despite a heavy drop in global oil prices, raise growth rate to about 8%, enhance production and petrochemical export and commercialize Iran's nuclear industry.

Rouhani called for the maximum participation of people in the upcoming presidential election to have a "glorious election", which gives hope to friends of the Iranian nation and disappoints its adversaries.

The election is scheduled for May 19 and Rouhani is to register for the race in the coming days.


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