US Raid on Syria Breach of Int'l Law

US Raid on Syria Breach of Int'l Law
US Raid on Syria Breach of Int'l Law

President Hassan Rouhani, during a Sunday telephone call with Syrian President Bashar Assad, censured the US hostile move against the Arab country as an infringement of international regulations and the United Nations charter.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly denounces the assault and the Iranian nation will continue to stand by the Syrian nation in their battle against terrorism and restoring Syria's territorial integrity," Rouhani was quoted as saying by IRNA.

The phone call came after US strikes on an airbase southeast of Homs Province with 59 Tomahawk missiles on Friday, which the US said were a reaction to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces against militants in Idlib Province earlier this week.

Offering condolences over the death of innocent people in the incident, Rouhani hoped that independent countries would condemn such adverse measures. He cited cooperation between the United Nations and Syria on the elimination of chemical weapons and described the claims made to justify the missile attacks as baseless.

"Such attacks only help encourage the terrorists who have suffered huge losses in Syria and Iraq in recent months," he said.

He pointed to cooperation among Iran, Syria and Russia as an effective factor in the fight against terrorism. The Syrian president appreciated Iran's support and said, "The US missile attacks took place after terrorists' major defeats and their collapse, and this was an attempt to raise their spirits and weaken the Syrian people and army."

Assad called the US attacks ineffective in disheartening the Syrian people, noting that the nation will not be discouraged by such measures and continue to follow the path for defeating terrorism.


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