US Propaganda Aims to Tarnish Iran's Image

US Propaganda Aims to Tarnish Iran's ImageUS Propaganda Aims to Tarnish Iran's Image

A lawmaker said the US frightened by Iran's "soft power" strategies in the region is doing its utmost to counter the Islamic Republic's positive influence by tarnishing its image at the international level.

Responding to recent allegations by US officials against Iran, Ahmad Alirezabeigi said, "Comments by American authorities against Iran show their intense fear of our country's power and influence."

The lawmaker was quoted as saying by ICANA on Saturday that Iran's soft power is actually a barrier to the US selfish ambitions in the Middle East.

The politician noted that western countries are wrongly making various accusations against Iran, which are false pretexts to diminish the Islamic Republic's international stature.

"Americans accuse Iran of being the supporter of terrorism in the region, but in fact they and their allies are the main backers of terrorists."

Nikki Haley, America's new ambassador to the United Nations, in her scathing remarks on Wednesday called Iran "the world's number-one state sponsor of terror," saying that "wherever they [Iran] influence, there will be problems. And we need to find a way to hit back at them."

Over the past years, a kind of resistance alliance has formed between the Islamic Republic and some other regional countries like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, in the most outstanding case of which Iran is playing a significant role in the ongoing peace process in Syria.

Alirezabeigi said such "unity" among these countries is what has scared the US the most.


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