Resistance Front Skeptical of Principlist Unity

Resistance Front Skeptical of Principlist UnityResistance Front Skeptical of Principlist Unity

A central council member of the Resistance Front stated that the Popular Front of Islamic Revolution Forces will not succeed in uniting principlists for the upcoming presidential elections and the party is not disposed to join the newly established coalition.

"They are trying to prompt the notion that PFIRF can be centralized and tasked with undertaking principlists' electoral activities, which is nothing but an unsubstantiated claim," Nasrollah Pejmanfar was quoted as saying by ICANA on Saturday.

PFIRF, which was founded in late December by 10 figures from across the conservative camp, is meant to pose a serious challenge to the reelection bid by incumbent President Hassan Rouhani. However, it failed to obtain the consent of all members of the Resistance Front.

He noted that the party is not opposed to PFIRF's idea, but it "cannot solely unify all the principlists", as "it has not developed the sufficient capacity", suggesting that the Resistance Front is not willing to join PFIRF.

This is not the first time a Resistance Front member has criticized the new group.

Earlier, Morteza Aqa-Tehrani, the secretary-general of the front, had also expressed his excoriating views about PFIRF. Such criticisms and views of other members have further clarified the electoral approach of the Resistance Front.

Pejmanfar pointed out that achieving a consensus on a single candidate requires "a fundamental unity" in the camp, which entails great endeavor and "broad debate".

Figures from the rival reformist camp seem to have forged a consensus over backing Rouhani. All presidents who finished their first term were reelected for the second and last term.

The conservative camp is yet to decide their preferred candidate.

Presidential elections are scheduled for May 19. Those planning to contest the presidential race will sign up on April 11-15. Contenders will have 20 days to campaign from April 28 to May 17, if they pass the vetting process by the Guardians Council, the election watchdog.


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