Nuclear Chief Upbeat on Tehran-IAEA Cooperation

Nuclear Chief Upbeat on  Tehran-IAEA CooperationNuclear Chief Upbeat on  Tehran-IAEA Cooperation

Iran's nuclear chief said he is positive about the prospects of Iran's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency after it reappointed its director general, Yukiya Amano, for a third straight term.

Congratulating his UN counterpart on his reelection, head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, said cooperation between Iran and the IAEA has been very good and will hopefully continue.

"I see a good outlook for the new era of Iran-IAEA cooperation," IRNA quoted Saleh as telling reporters in Tehran on Thursday.  

Amano's final assessment report to its board of governors in the closing days of 2015 ended his agency's probe into Tehran's past and present nuclear activities, giving the green light for the full implementation of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal with major powers.

It swapped time-bound restrictions on Tehran's nuclear work for relief from international sanctions.

The Vienna-based agency is now in charge of policing and verifying Iran's compliance.

"We believe nothing worrisome lies ahead [of the cooperation]. If everyone remains committed to the provisions of JCPOA, the Additional Protocol and safeguard agreements, and avoids making subjective interpretations, there will be no problem," Salehi said.

The Additional Protocol is a legal document granting the IAEA complementary inspection authority to that provided in the safeguards agreements.

A principal aim is to enable the IAEA inspectors gain assurance about both declared and possible undeclared nuclear activities of a member state.

There was unanimity among members of IAEA's Board of Governors on Amano's reappointment for another four years, so the decision was made without a vote.

It has yet to be confirmed by a meeting of all IAEA member states in September, which is widely seen as a formality.

Amano, 69, a veteran Japanese diplomat, was a contentious choice when first appointed head of the Vienna-based agency in 2009.

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