US Move in Hormuz Strait Denounced

US Move in Hormuz Strait DenouncedUS Move in Hormuz Strait Denounced

An Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commander dismissed a Monday report by Reuters citing a US official that Iranian vessels forced a US Navy ship to change direction in the Persian Gulf, saying the “unprofessional” behavior of Americans near Iranian waters could have “irreversible consequences.”

“On Saturday, an American ship passing the Strait of Hormuz within a US-British group strayed from the international route and changed direction toward IRGC naval boats. In an unprofessional and dangerous manner, it approached our vessels [and stopped] at a 550-meter distance,” ISNA quoted Mehdi Hashemi, a high-ranking commander of IRGC’s naval forces, as saying on Wednesday.

The narrative contradicts the Reuters report that “multiple IRGC fast-attack vessels came within 600 yards of the USNS Invincible and stopped”.

The Invincible was accompanied by three ships from British Royal Navy.

In recent months, Reuters has published a series of similar reports on alleged “harassment” of US warships in the Persian Gulf by Iranian boats. Hashemi said evidence shows “they want a dangerous situation in this region”, and contrary to their deceptive rhetoric that they are interested in Persian Gulf stability, “they are after creating tensions in this strategic region”.


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