Foreign Arms Won’t Guarantee Arab Security

Foreign Arms Won’t Guarantee Arab SecurityForeign Arms Won’t Guarantee Arab Security

Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan called on Persian Gulf Arab states to “give up the illusion” that they can ensure their security by purchasing weapons from western states.

“If today Persian Gulf littoral states want to buy security and spend lots of money to purchase equipment, they should know that this will not bring them security and it is even against their security,” Dehqan said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Monday, Fars News Agency reported.

He advised Persian Gulf countries’ rulers to think of the day when the foreigners do not supply arms and equipment to them. Advisor to Defense Minister Lieutenant General Hossein Daqiqi had noted in 2015 that regional Arab countries purchase arms 10 times more than Iran.

“At present, the military expenses and arms purchase of regional Arab countries are 10 times more than Iran’s, but we don’t intend to buy weapons and equipment to gain military balance,” Daqiqi said. Noting that Iran cares for the development and welfare of people instead of spending all its revenues on military purchases, he said, “The Islamic Republic’s military strategy offers effective deterrence and this can be decisive on the battleground.”

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