UN Lebanon Envoy Meets Leader’s Advisor

UN Lebanon Envoy Meets Leader’s Advisor UN Lebanon Envoy Meets Leader’s Advisor

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly briefed Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to the Leader, on the latest developments in Lebanon during a meeting in Tehran on Saturday.  

The UN envoy said it is highly important to make efforts to maintain security and stability in Lebanon.

Velayati also said the Islamic Republic attaches great importance to the stability of Lebanon, adding Iran has tried to help bring peace and calm to the troubled Arab country.   

Iran regards Lebanon as an important country in the region and believes the internal developments in the country can affect the whole region, the director of the Expediency Council’s Center for Strategic Research said, IRNA reported.

“Tehran and Beirut have had a long-standing relationship. Iran has good relations will all groups in Lebanon and closely monitors developments in the country,” he said.

The Islamic Republic has always supported the territorial integrity of Lebanon and favored peaceful coexistence in the country, he said.     

He also said, “It is very important that all Lebanese factions adhere to the constitution.”

Elsewhere, Velayati praised the political system in the Arab country and said Although Lebanon is a small country, true democracy exists there and the people respect democracy.

Iran is a friend of Lebanon and supports any government that is elected by the people, he added.    

In addition, he said Iran wants Lebanon to strongly stand up to the Zionist regime as in the past.