No Option for Trump But to Honor JCPOA

No Option for Trump But to Honor JCPOANo Option for Trump But to Honor JCPOA

A nuclear negotiator said US President Donald Trump would uphold the Iran nuclear deal because he would not risk confronting the international community that largely backs and calls for its continued implementation.

"Currently, there is [international] consensus against Trump, so he has no choice but to honor JCPOA, unless he adopts a policy to make us pull out of it," Abbas Araqchi was quoted as saying by IRNA on Saturday.

He made the statement in a speech at a conference in Tehran on the pact, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

When campaigning for the White House, the new US president railed against the agreement, seen as a foreign policy legacy of his democratic predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump branded it "a disaster" and "the worst deal ever negotiated" and once even promised to rip it up if he became president, although he later backed down, conceding that it would be too hard to dismantle a deal enshrined in a UN resolution. He later vowed to alter the terms of the accord instead.

It was announced in July 2015 between Iran and the US and its five other partners and went into effect in early 2016 to end sanctions in return for scaling down Iran's nuclear activities.

Those partners, namely France, Britain, China, Russia and Germany, have refused to go along with Trump's idea of revising the deal.

Despite their often fraught ties, the EU says it is in full agreement with China and Russia over the need to keep the nuclear deal intact and alive.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that European officials are compiling options for tightening the implementation of the action plan, hoping to bolster their case that Trump should stick to the accord.

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