Danish Envoy Summoned Over Embassy Attack

Danish Envoy Summoned Over Embassy AttackDanish Envoy Summoned Over Embassy Attack

Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned the Danish ambassador in Tehran after the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen was once again attacked by a group of hostile elements. On Thursday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said Tehran expressed its "strong objection" to the Danish ambassador after six hostile elements attacked the Iranian diplomatic mission in Copenhagen a day earlier, Press TV reported.

"The Foreign Ministry slammed the move as a violation of international norms and Denmark's domestic laws, criticizing the Danish government's failure to provide security to Iran's Embassy staff," he said. Qasemi noted that Copenhagen was urged to take "resolute and responsible" action against the intruders and announce the results.

The Danish diplomat was also told that the repetition of such attacks and Copenhagen's failure to seriously address the assaults could "harm growing ties between the two countries and would definitely elicit an appropriate response [from Tehran]," he said.

According to Qasemi, the Danish envoy denounced the attack as "unacceptable", pledging to follow up on the issue and announce the results.

This is not the first time Iran's diplomatic premises are attacked in Denmark.

On January 19, Danish police arrested six people who had scaled the walls of the Iranian Embassy.

The incident saw the invaders enter the mission's courtyard, putting up profane placards and bringing down the Iranian national flag.

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