Most MPs Back Gov't Policies

Most MPs Back Gov't Policies
Most MPs Back Gov't Policies

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says the prevailing atmosphere in parliament is in favor of the administration.  

He made the remarks in a televised interview broadcast live on Iranian television on late Monday, the Fars news agency reported.

On the rumors that a minority in parliament is trying to challenge the administration and take control of the whole parliament, Larijani said, "I do not think so. I believe that there are differing ideas in parliament which is natural.

"Different opinions lead to finding solutions for the problems, since each member of parliament represents a section of the nation."   

He noted, "Some members of parliament may consider the administration's policies to be wrong or may voice criticism on diplomacy, culture and economy, but on the whole, parliament backs the administration and believes that they should support and give room to the administration to carry out its obligations."

The parliament speaker said, "In most cases, the Majlis approves of the administration's policies," adding, "There may be some differences on some issues, but I do not believe that the Majlis is willing to confront or disturb the administration."

Larijani pointed out, "There is a very good interaction between the Majlis and administration and they do not have substantial differences."

Commenting on the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) on Tehran's nuclear program, Larijani said, "I suppose the nuclear negotiations are going forward and I see no reason for a negative outlook. The steps taken so far indicate that the differences could be narrowed down."     

"We have always been prepared for the talks. In my opinion some progress was made in the last round of talks (held in Vienna from November 18-24)," he stated.

On the extension of the talks on a final nuclear deal until the end of next June, Larijani said, "I do not assess it as negative, and it was normal to extend the deadline. Of course, they could achieve a result in this round of talks, but they might need more time to evaluate some aspects," he added.