Saudi, Israeli Onslaughts on Iran No Coincidence

Saudi, Israeli Onslaughts on Iran No CoincidenceSaudi, Israeli Onslaughts on Iran No Coincidence

Tehran said it is not a matter of chance that Israel and Saudi Arabia express an anti-Iran stance, as there is ample evidence that the two regimes are working hand in glove in different regional cases.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi was responding to the remarks of Saudi foreign minister and Israel's minister for military affairs who directed separate but notably similar tirades against the Islamic Republic at the 53rd Munich Security Conference on Sunday, Press TV reported. "The parallelism between the positions of the Saudi foreign minister and the Israeli war minister on Iran is not coincidental. Many instances of evidence indicate coordination between the two regimes in regional cases," he said.

Addressing the Munich conference, the Saudi and Israeli ministers, Adel al-Jubeir and Avigdor Lieberman respectively, claimed Iran is a supporter of "terrorism" and poses the "main threat" to the region. 

They also attacked Iran's 2015 nuclear agreement with major powers, calling for an international push against the country.

Jubeir spurned a call by Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif for dialogue among Persian Gulf states toward the elimination of common problems. Lieberman tried to endear Israel to Riyadh by considering Saudi Arabia to be a member of "the moderate Arab world".

  Painful Desperation  

Qasemi lashed out at the claims, which, he said, reflected "a painful [state of] desperation" in Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

"Both regimes think they should stir the international atmosphere against Iran as a means of making up for their multitudinous defeats and frustrations in the region," he said.

Accusations by the top Saudi diplomat about Iran's alleged link to "terrorism", he added, "can never throw into oblivion the ideological, training, financial and intelligence ties between the Saudi establishment and takfiri terrorists, whose crimes against the region and the world's innocent people are known to all."

He also called it "pathetic" that the Israeli regime has turned to a Muslim country to advance its unwavering anti-Iran policies.

Both the regimes in Tel Aviv and Riyadh are widely viewed as staunch supporters of the militant groups operating in Syria to topple its government. The self-styled Islamic State, the world's most notorious terror group mainly active in Syria and Iraq, is inspired by Wahhabism, which is a radical ideology dominating Saudi Arabia and freely preached by Riyadh-backed clerics there.

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