Defense Minister: Claims of New Missile Test Fabricated

Defense Minister: Claims of New Missile Test Fabricated Defense Minister: Claims of New Missile Test Fabricated

Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan rejected US media claims of a new missile test by the Islamic Republic as fabricated, saying the allegations are part of a campaign of psychological warfare against Tehran.

"The new claim by the Americans about a new missile test by Iran is fabricated and is aimed at inciting animosity, psychological warfare and Iranophobia," Dehqan told reporters on Thursday, according to Press TV.

On Wednesday, Fox News cited an unnamed US official as saying that Iran had launched a short-range Mersad missile from the same launch pad where it conducted a ballistic missile test in Semnan last month.

"First of all, these claims are fabricated and such an incident has not happened at all. Secondly, it would be absolutely none of their business if such a test had ever been conducted," he said.

"Thirdly, the Islamic Republic of Iran's missile program is a conventional program and its missile tests are conducted as part of pre-planned programs aimed at maintaining our country's defense preparedness."

Dehqan said such fabricated news is disseminated by the Zionist regime in line with Israel's "Iranophobia" project to instigate world opinion against Iran.

"We advise our southern Persian Gulf neighbors not to be deceived by such propaganda because the Islamic Republic has never been and will never be a threat to them," he said.

"The Americans have launched this psychological warfare and publicity campaign to sell their weapons."

On February 3, the US administration imposed new sanctions against Iran over Tehran's recent successful missile test in Semnan.

The Foreign Ministry slammed fresh US sanctions over Tehran's defensive missile program, saying Iran would deliver a "proportionate and reciprocal" response to the move.


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