Security Chief Visits Defense Exhibition

Security Chief Visits Defense Exhibition  Security Chief Visits Defense Exhibition

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council on Sunday visited an exhibition of the achievements of the air defense base.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran's capabilities and defense facilities have a peaceful nature and act as a deterrent, and cannot be supervised by foreigners," IRNA quoted Ali Shamkhani as saying during his visit in reference to some western powers' demands that Iran's missile activities be discussed within the framework of the talks on Tehran's nuclear work. He said Iran's missile program like its nuclear program is "self-reliant" and "indigenous".  

He also said the missile capability will be increased in line with military threats against the country, adding that Iran's deterrence strength has decreased the chances of carrying out military threats to close to zero.  

"The enemies of Iran never consider this option due to the heavy cost of (carrying out) a military threat for them."

Elsewhere, he pointed to the capabilities of the integrated air defense network and said the ability to track and engage with the invading aircraft has been significantly boosted.

"The ability to identify, track and destroy the most advanced radar-evading spy drones by the country's integrated air defense network relays a clear message about the might and capacity of the defenders of the Islamic Republic of Iran's airspace," he said.  

He went on to say that the scientific progress in the fields of nuclear energy, aerospace, nanotechnology, biotechnology and stem cells has been achieved despite western sanctions on Iran over the past three decades and will continue unaffected by sanctions.