No One Can Humiliate Iranian Nation

No One Can Humiliate Iranian Nation No One Can Humiliate Iranian Nation

After the new US President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring Iranian travelers along with citizens of six other Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for 90 days, a senior Iranian official reminded Trump of Iran’s rich history and its aversion to violence and terrorism. In a post on his Twitter account on Saturday, Political Deputy of Iran’s Presidential Office Hamid Aboutalebi called on the US president to study Iranians’ history, Islamic humanitarian values and philanthropy.

He wondered whether Trump has ever heard of the Cyrus Charter—also known as the Cyrus Cylinder—that is believed to be the oldest charter or symbol of universal human rights. Aboutalebi said Iran takes pride in hosting Muslims, Jews, Christians and Assyrians for millennia and that the “old and very civilized nation of Iran” does not tolerate violence and terrorism but opposes them, Tasnim News Agency reported. 

“The Iranian nation has stood proud and dignified over the past 3,000 years,” he said, reminding Trump that nobody has been able to humiliate Iranians throughout history.

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