Intervention in Syria Threatens Regional Stability

Intervention in Syria Threatens Regional Stability Intervention in Syria Threatens Regional Stability

Ambassador to Syria Mohammad Reza Rauf Sheibani said any foreign intervention in Syria would undermine the stability of the whole region.  

He made the remarks in an interview with ISNA published by on Saturday, in which he referred to the latest developments in Syria and the presence of terrorist groups in the country and said, “The strategy of the countries sponsoring terrorism is to prolong the crisis in Syria.”

He pointed to Iran’s stance on the Syrian crisis and said, “This crisis has put the Syrian nation under heavy pressure, which has mounted due to the wrong interpretation of the international community of the Syrian crisis and the plots hatched by the arrogant powers.”

Sheibani said, “Iran, on the basis of its principled policy to support the oppressed people of the region, adopted a helpful strategy toward the Syrian nation and provided them with assistances in various forms.”

When the sponsors of terrorists in the region failed to topple the incumbent administration in Syria, they had no alternative but to endeavor to lengthen the crisis in the country.

He added, “The true friends of Syria and those who seek stability in the region should make efforts to put an end to the crisis in Syria, since the protracted crisis in the country will be to the detriment of the Syrian and other regional nations and beneficial to the Zionist regime.”

The ambassador touched on the growing threat of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the region and said, “One of the reasons behind the spread of the danger of terrorism in the region is the wrong policies of the West vis-à-vis the crisis in Syria.”

He said, “Fortunately, we are witnessing a step-by-step shift of the West’s approach toward the role of the Syrian government.”  

He stated that the West tries to justify its double standards through dividing terrorism into “good” and “bad”, while they are all of the same nature.

The ambassador to Damascus said that the international community should view the fight against the growing threat of terrorism as its top priority.

Sheibani reiterated that the countries which have adopted wrong policies toward Syria should be notified that through sticking to their approach Syria will not only remain an insecure place, but the wave of crisis will affect their own countries.   

He added that undermining stability and peace in Syria endangers the stability of the whole region.

He said it appears that some regional states have not modified their policy on the Syrian crisis, which indicates that they have not appreciated the dimensions of the danger.

Sheibani stated, “The West should bear in mind that the growth of terrorism and the IS terrorist group in Syria serves to undermine the central government in Syria.”

He reiterated, “I believe that if countries such as Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey try to bring regional crises under their control, then we will witness fewer crises in the region, so there is no need for the presence of the US or the formation of foreign coalitions against the most critical threats like the IS group.

“Regional cooperation could play an effective role in this regard.”