Tehran Able to Rise to Trump Challenge

Tehran Able to Rise to Trump ChallengeTehran Able to Rise to Trump Challenge

A lawmaker said Tehran can tackle any challenge posed by US President Donald Trump by using its diplomatic capacity to win the support of major players of the global community.

"If his policies are unilateral, Trump will isolate the US by causing rifts with the European Union and China," Jalil Rahimi also told ICANA on Wednesday.

"It is the best opportunity for Iran to strengthen its bonds of friendship with the EU and China to fulfill many of its political, economic and security needs without the US".

Many analysts were taken aback by the surprise victory of the Republican contender in the November 8 US presidential elections, the tycoon-turned-politician whose strange promises during the campaign trail had raised many eyebrows.

Trump, who started his work at the White House on Friday, is likely to take a hard line against Iran.

Among other anti-Iran promises, he has vowed to dismantle the July 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers that lifted international sanctions on Tehran in exchange for time-bound restrictions on its nuclear activities.

However, Trump has also made contradictory statements regarding the deal, which make it difficult to guess what he will actually do to a deal that resolved a 12-year dispute.

Other parties to the deal, including Germany, France, China and Russia, have voiced their dissatisfaction with any possible unraveling of the nuclear deal by Trump.

Rahimi said although Trump intends to turn most US policies upside down, his experience suggests that presidents are not top dogs in the US and have little room for maneuvers.

"Trump may be able to question some policies, but it's the decision-making structure that has the final say," he said.

"Interests and priorities of the US are defined. Trump cannot change the system; the system will change him."

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