Sharing Technological Experience With Neighbors

Sharing Technological Experience With Neighbors       Sharing Technological Experience With Neighbors

The director of the Expediency Council’s Center for Strategic Research   said Iran is prepared to share its experience with the neighboring countries that are keen to take advantage of nuclear technology.  

In a meeting with the visiting members of Iran-Kuwait Cultural and Friendship Association on late Tuesday, Ali Akbar Velayati said, “If the neighboring countries show willingness to obtain nuclear energy (technology) from Iran, it definitely sees no limits for provision of any assistance,” IRNA reported.    

He said nuclear energy is a significant and strategic issue for Iran, adding, “I assure that Iran will never compromise its right to use nuclear energy, even while being under the US pressure.”

“Iran moves in compliance with international rules and there has been no report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) indicating diversion (of nuclear material) in Iran for military purposes,” he continued  .  

He said, “All states have the right to enjoy peaceful nuclear technology.”  

He expressed content with the formation of Iran-Kuwait Cultural and Friendship Association and said, “I will spare no effort to help reinforce this group.”

The senior advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, “We respect the territorial integrity of all countries, particularly our neighboring states; and we just oppose Israel and regard it as an occupier (of the Palestinian territories).”

Referring to the relationship between Iran and Kuwait, he said close bilateral ties will be to the benefit of both Muslim states. Kuwaiti Ambassador to Tehran Majdi Ahmad al-Dhafiri, who was present at the meeting, underlined the necessity to develop bilateral relations, adding, “Kuwait has always enjoyed friendly ties with Iran and never seen it as a threat.”