America’s Unilateralist Policies Criticized

America’s Unilateralist  Policies Criticized
America’s Unilateralist  Policies Criticized

The security chief has described the US efforts to form a coalition against the Islamic State (IS) as "dubious", saying the United States is seeking to maintain its unilateralist policies and violate other countries' sovereignty under the pretext of fighting terrorism.   

  The US efforts to form an anti-terrorism coalition with the countries which have been the main sponsors of terrorists are "dubious" and "untransparent", Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani said on Saturday.

He also said the efforts are meant to divert the world's public opinion from the pivotal role of the US and its allies in the creation and arming of terrorist groups with the aim of undermining the Syrian government, IRNA reported.

The US government wants to get rid of the "self-made crisis" through taking acts of adventurism.

Shamkhani said Iran has adopted a sound strategy to form an international alliance to truly battle against terrorists.

He added there is a general consensus among the international community that Iran should play a key role in the campaign against terrorism.

He referred to Iran as a safe haven in the crisis-hit Middle East region.  

  US Coalition Against IS Imprudent

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani also said on Saturday that the US-led coalition against IS terrorists lacks the necessary rationality to bring reforms or solve the problems in the region.

"US operations aimed at destroying IS fighters will not bring reforms in the Middle East region, but rather they will fan the flames of hatred in the whole region," IRNA quoted him as saying in Mashhad.

 The parliament speaker commented that the US tries to create a coalition whenever it fails to convince the UN Security Council to meet its demands, as it did against Iran and now it seeks a coalition to fight against the Syrian government.

Elsewhere, Larijani said the US airstrikes against IS are just a pretext to destabilize Syria.

The US measures are sowing the seeds of hatred in the region which will ultimately inflict damage on the US itself, he added.