Nat’l Might Helps Counter Hostilities 

Nat’l Might  Helps Counter  Hostilities Nat’l Might  Helps Counter  Hostilities 

The Leader of Islamic Revolution underscored the need to bolster national might to counter plots aimed at undermining the Islamic Republic, which represents the main bulwark of resistance in the Muslim world against arrogant powers.

"Today the hegemonic powers' [plots] against the Islamic Republic are meant to undermine its material and spiritual power and the resolve of the Iranian nation. We should preserve and strengthen this power," Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei was quoted as saying by his official website.

He made the statement on Tuesday ahead of the anniversary of the widespread pro-establishment demonstrations that took place throughout Iran on December 30, 2009.

The day witnessed massive demonstrations in support of the ruling authorities in reaction to unrest that had ensued after the presidential election in June of the same year.

"The reason that Iran faces such deep-seated hostility is because it symbolizes opposition to the global hegemonic system," he said.

"In the face of this hostility, the Islamic Republic should increase its power and that is the very reason for the insistence on promotion of domestic power and the reinforcement of domestic structures."

Ayatollah Khamenei described the December 30 demonstrations as a "unique" incident in which the "intellectual power" that represents a cornerstone of the Islamic Republic was demonstrated by the nation.

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