Syrian Government, Allies Gained Upper Hand

Syrian Government, Allies Gained Upper Hand
Syrian Government, Allies Gained Upper Hand

A senior official of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps stressed that the Syrian Army and its allies have gained the upper hand in Syria, calling on supporters of terrorists to accept the realities on the ground and stop fueling the crisis.

"The liberation of Aleppo was a strategic victory for the Syrian government, army and nation," Yadollah Javani, an advisor to the Leader's representative at IRGC, said on Saturday, Fars News Agency reported.

"Today, the resistance front, the Syrian Army's allies and the Syrian government enjoy superiority and the Islamic Republic has played a role in this regard."

Noting that those who imposed the crisis on the Syrian nation and caused many casualties and destruction could not attain their goals, Javani said, "They should accept the realities of the Syrian scene from now on, respect the Syrian nation's rights and end the crisis."

The Syrian Army General Command on Friday declared the restoration of security and stability to Aleppo and its liberation from terrorists.

On Thursday, the last batch of militants and their families left the neighborhoods of al-Zobaydiyeh, al-Ansari and Salahuddin in eastern Aleppo. The Syrian Army and its allies from the resistance front took back the country's second most important city from thousands of terrorists in a landmark victory that is expected to change the future of the war in Syria.

Syria has been grappling with deadly violence since early 2011 and only after two years, Damascus found itself under the siege of militant groups overtly and covertly supported by western powers and their regional allies, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Since mid-2012, the government forces have been fighting with the foreign-backed militants to take control of Aleppo, Syria's largest city and the country's former commercial hub.

The terrorist groups, mostly linked to Al-Qaeda's official branch in Syria—the Al-Nusra Front, occupied the eastern districts of Aleppo while the western parts of the city remained under the control of the army and popular forces.

There were no remarkable changes in arrangement of forces in Aleppo until September 2015 when the Damascus government requested Iran to send a large number of military advisors, war strategists and commanders to Syria and also asked for Russia's direct military involvement in the war on terrorism. Their cooperation changed the equations and helped the Syrian Army fully recapture the city earlier this month.


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