Support for Iraq Appreciated

Support for Iraq Appreciated
Support for Iraq Appreciated

Iraqi Deputy Parliament Speaker Humam Hamoudi thanked Iran for adopting positive stances on Iraq and supporting the crisis-hit Arab country during difficult times.   

In a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi in Baghdad on Monday, he pointed to the historical relations between the two nations and asked Iran to share its experience with Iraq in all fields, IRNA reported.

 He described the security challenges posed by the self-declared Islamic State (IS) terrorist group as a threat to all countries and said, "The IS pursues no objective in Iraq but to destroy the newly formed (political) structure of the country."

Hamoudi described Iran's support as valuable and said Iran set no conditions for the assistance it provided to the Iraqi government and nation in their fight against terrorists.

The deputy foreign minister for consular affairs, for his part, highlighted the need for expansion of bilateral relations and called for provision of further facilities for pilgrims visiting the holy shrines in the two countries.

Qashqavi called on the Iraqi parliament to take measures to speed up the implementation of the agreements signed between the two governments in this regard.