Drones Take Lead in Final Stage of Drills

Drones Take Lead in Final Stage of DrillsDrones Take Lead in Final Stage of Drills

Domestically-developed unmanned aerial vehicles played a leading role in the final stage of massive military exercises of the Army’s Ground Forces in southeast Iran.

The ground forces staged the third day of the drills, codenamed “Muhammad Rasoulallah [Muhammad, the Messenger of God (PBUH)] Four”, on Tuesday by flying new drones for various operations such as reconnaissance, combat or suicide offense, Tasnim News Agency reported.

After an aerial operation by the Air Force fighter jets, the Ground Force flew its new pilotless aircraft, including a combat drone capable of firing air-to-surface missiles.

Another drone, dubbed the Oqab (Eagle), designed for reconnaissance with a flight endurance of 24 hours, took part in the maneuvers.

In a separate operation, a drone launched a suicide attack against a target on the ground.

But the most significant drone, a reconnaissance one used to monitor and control the exercise, is known as New Mohajer-2.

This upgraded version of Mohajer, with the commercial name “M2-N”, can be employed for a range of military and civil operations, including aerial reconnaissance and patrol missions, traffic control and rescue and relief.


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