Backing for Rouhani’s Performance

Backing for Rouhani’s Performance
Backing for Rouhani’s Performance

The secretary of the Expediency Council has backed President Hassan Rouhani’s performance in nuclear talks with the major powers.

“All in all, Mr. Rouhani’s performance to this point in the talks has been good, and God willing, he will continue his sensible management and his current acceptable performance acting upon the Leader’s guidelines,” IRNA quoted Mohsen Rezaei as saying on Monday.  

He also said the government has made great efforts in the nuclear talks and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is the chief nuclear negotiator, has led the discussions “smartly” and “deftly”, adding, “If these talks yield no results, it indicates that the Americans have not the will to reach an agreement and their excessive demands would be the cause of the failure (of the talks).”

In addition, he said a possible final nuclear deal would help improve the country’s situation in the long term.

“We should not expect a dramatic, immediate change as a result of these talks.”