Renewed Support for Afghan Peace

Renewed Support for Afghan PeaceRenewed Support for Afghan Peace

Iran’s envoy to the United Nations renewed his side’s pledge to support efforts aimed at restoring peace and security to neighboring Afghanistan, which has been plagued by years of rebellion and civil war.

“Iran continues its full support for the promotion of security, stability and comprehensive and sustainable development in Afghanistan since we believe that a peaceful and secure Afghanistan will greatly contribute to the security of our borders and our neighborhood,” Gholamhossein Dehqani was also quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.

He was addressing the UN General Assembly’s meeting on the situation in Afghanistan on Friday.

“My government continues to reiterate its support for any Afghan-led peace process and acknowledges peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, and deplores the prevailing uncertainty in this regard,” Dehqani said.

“We support the Afghan National Unity Government, as it is at the forefront of fighting against terrorism and is undertaking efforts to stabilize the situation in the country and keep the people united,” he added.


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