Sharing Anti-Terror Experience

Sharing Anti-Terror Experience
Sharing Anti-Terror Experience

The Majlis speaker said Iran is ready to share its experience in the campaign against terrorism with African countries.

In a meeting with Somali Parliament Speaker Osman Jawari in Djibouti on Saturday, Ali Larijani said, "Iran is prepared to provide African countries with its experience in training armed forces to (help them) in their battle against terrorists," IRNA reported.

Larijani was in Djibouti to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new building of the African country's parliament.       

He said, "Our view toward Somalia is not tactical, but our strategy toward the country is long-term."             

Stressing the necessity to address terrorism, he stated, "Some Islamic countries face complicated challenges and unfortunately, certain countries provide assistance to terrorist groups."

The Somali parliament speaker, for his part, pointed to a visit by former foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi to Somalia in 2011 and said, "We held talks with the Iranian foreign minister on political and economic issues in Somalia."              

Jawari officially invited Larijani to visit Somalia to help boost political and economic relations between the two states.    

  Takfiris Sow Discord

In a separate meeting on Saturday in Djibouti, Larijani held talks with his Yemeni counterpart Yahya Ali al-Raee and the two officials discussed issues of mutual interest, IRNA reported.    

Referring to Iran's sustained efforts to bring peace and calm to Yemen, Larijani said, "Takfiri and extremist groups seek to create discord and crisis among Muslims. We should bear in mind that it is not a Shiite or Sunni issue, while the takfiris murder the Sunni people too."

A takfiri is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of being an unbeliever. Addressing the Yemeni official, Larijani said, "You adopted a wise approach in Yemen for not letting clashes escalate."

The Majlis speaker described the role of the Yemeni parliament in securing stability in the country as significant, adding, "The US and the Zionists' role in sowing the seeds of discord among Muslims is evident."  

He went on to say that the West claims the crisis in Syria is due to lack of democracy in the country, but despite the fact that there is a democratic government in Iraq, they provided takfiri groups with aid to create such a chaos in the Arab state.   The senior lawmaker said the Zionist regime supplies takfiri groups with equipment, adding that western countries have come to an understanding that the political solution is the only way to address the crisis in Syria, but "their sincerity is questionable".

"There may be some differences among Islamic countries, but they should not lead to bloody clashes," he noted.  

"Whenever Iran tries to build more friendly relations with other Islamic countries, the enemies hatch more plots, which requires more alertness on our part," he added.

Raee, for his part, expressed content with the Majlis speaker's visit and said, "The current situation necessitates using Iran's experience in addressing regional challenges."

The Yemeni parliament speaker stated, "It should be considered that sectarian enmities are more dangerous than atomic bombs, since they destroy the homes of a nation."

Referring to the brotherly relations with Iran, Raee said, "The Yemeni president has expressed his content with our meetings and called for exchange of ambassadors."

"We appeal to Iran to provide Yemen with its support," he concluded.