West Urged to Drop Excessive Demands

West Urged to Drop Excessive Demands
West Urged to Drop Excessive Demands

The Majlis deputy speaker says if the West does not seek excessive demands in nuclear talks, it is possible to reach the "right decision".

In an interview with IRNA on Sunday, Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard said, "I hope the West will refrain from seeking excessive demands with regard to the logical and legitimate rights of Iran to help reach the right decision in the ongoing talks in Vienna so that a comprehensive deal will be achieved."    

Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) are in talks on a final nuclear deal to resolve the long-running dispute over Tehran's nuclear work. They face a Monday's deadline for a comprehensive accord.

The senior lawmaker said, "Today, Iran is known in the world as a symbol of security, national unity and religious democracy as well as a government which is elected by the people's vote."

"That is why the West has decided to sit at the negotiating table on an equal footing."  The deputy speaker said, "They (the western countries) view fair and equal talks as the only way they have toward Iran; and of course they try to gain maximum advantages from the negotiations."   

"Iran's (engagement in) the negotiations within the framework of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and international law could help find a way out of the current situation."