Africa High on Foreign Policy Agenda

Africa High on  Foreign Policy Agenda
Africa High on  Foreign Policy Agenda

The Majlis speaker says Africa has an “excellent place” in Iran’s foreign policy.

“For this reason, Iran spares no effort to develop and strengthen relations with African nations and governments,” Ali Larijani said in his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the new building of Djibouti’s National Assembly on Saturday, IRNA reported.   

“There is no doubt that the development of infrastructures is a key factor in the future development of this region in Africa (the Horn of Africa),” he said. Elsewhere, the parliament speaker said Iran and Djibouti have shown determination to expand bilateral cooperation.

  Exemplary Cooperation

“Iran and Djibouti have shown resolve to increase bilateral cooperation in recent years,” he said, adding, “Holding meetings between the two countries’ high-ranking officials, signing some bilateral agreements and holding mutual consultations on a variety of issues are all indicative of the active and exemplary cooperation between the two nations.”   

Touching on the issue of terrorism, Larijani said, “The fight against terrorism by the countries that have had a role in the rise of (terrorist) groups is impossible and seems to be for a show.”   

“In order to fight terrorism, a real understanding should be developed about the root causes of expansion of terrorism, the chaotic situation in the today’s world and especially the historical humiliation of nations by big powers.”                    


On the issue of piracy in the Gulf of Aden, Larijani said, "The useful cooperation of Djibouti on the battle against pirates plays a key role in (boosting) security and trade in the region."  

The Majlis speaker said, "All the world's countries, particularly Iran, appreciate the responsible behavior of the Djiboutian government (in this regard)."  In addition, he said, "Djibouti, as an Islamic country, enjoys great cultural similarities with Iran which should be used as an opportunity to expand bilateral relations."

The new building of Djibouti's parliament was inaugurated with the presence of the Majlis speaker, Djibouti's President Ismail Omar Guelleh, National Assembly President Idriss Arnaoud Ali and parliamentary delegations from other countries.

On late Friday, Larijani visited the Iranian navy's fleet which has docked in the Port of Djibouti. He said during the visit, "Today, all the world's states have acknowledged that Iran seeks peace and security in the region."  He continued, "The presence of the Iranian navy in the Gulf of Eden and regional waters is aimed at combating pirates and facilitating sea transportation, which has brought security for us and for the whole region."

  Speaker Meets Djibouti's President

Larijani also held a separate meeting with Djibouti's president on Saturday, in which the two officials conferred on issues of mutual interest, IRNA reported. Stressing the need to enhance further economic relations between the two states, Larijani said, "Expansion of economic ties between Tehran and Djibouti is of high significance and we should help promote economic ties."

Guelleh, for his part, touched on the growing trend in bilateral relations and thanked the Majlis speaker for his visit to the African country.