Saudi Embassy Attackers Sentenced to Jail

Saudi Embassy Attackers Sentenced to JailSaudi Embassy Attackers Sentenced to Jail

A lawyer who represents some of those involved in storming Saudi diplomatic missions said 20 have received their verdicts, ranging from three to six-month prison sentences for causing public disorder while the rest have been acquitted.

"I was informed via email that my clients were given prison sentences," Mostafa Shabani said in an interview with ISNA on Friday.

"Some defendants have been sentenced to three months in prison, others six months and the rest have been cleared of charges."

He added that the convicts were not found guilty of destroying the Saudi Embassy, but only of "disrupting public order."

Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic relations with Iran in January after protesters stormed the kingdom's Embassy in Tehran and consulate in Mashhad in response to Riyadh's execution of top Saudi Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

President Hassan Rouhani, keen to improve Tehran's long-strained relations with its neighbors and the West, asked the judiciary to punish the protesters and prevent further attacks.

He outright condemned the attacks as "a blatant breach of Islamic values" and "a blow to the credibility and reputation of the Islamic Republic" and tasked the Interior Ministry with investigating the event in cooperation with the judiciary.

Rouhani later cautioned the judiciary that the Iranian people are watching closely and expect a fair trial.

Some lawmakers called for severe court sentences to create an effective deterrent.

Iran's judiciary announced in April that more than 100 suspects had been arrested over the attacks on the Saudi missions and 48 were charged. All were released on bail.

Three or four of the indicted are clerics and must be tried separately in the Special Court for the Clergy.


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