Enhanced Kabul Ties Stressed

Enhanced Kabul Ties Stressed
Enhanced Kabul Ties Stressed

The deputy foreign minister said on Thursday Tehran and Kabul enjoy cultural similarities, a fact which has prepared the ground for greater cooperation.    

Hassan Qashqavi made the remarks in a gathering of Afghan intellectuals in Karaj, adding, "Fortunately, the relations between Iran and Afghanistan are improving, but the ways to promote economic relations should be explored," ISNA reported.  

"The required groundwork for the development of Afghanistan should be laid through increased interactions between intellectuals and business leaders in the two countries," he continued.

Referring to the great potential and opportunities in the two states, the official stressed the necessity to make efforts to expand bilateral relations in various fields.   

The deputy foreign minister for consular affairs stated, "Undoubtedly, the cultural grounds pave the way for further cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan in a variety of areas," noting, "The world's states seek common points (between themselves) aiming at expansion of relations, while Iran and Afghanistan already enjoy excellent things in common as two neighboring states."

The foreign ministry official said, "Under the current international circumstances, Iran and Afghanistan have deep and exemplary ties at regional and international levels, which cannot be found between any other two countries in the world."   

Referring to the pain and suffering the Afghan nation have gone through, Qashqavi said, "Iran has constantly supported the oppressed nations and spared no effort to provide assistance to the oppressed Muslims, especially the Afghan people."

The diplomat said, "The Iranian nation has the honor of providing education to Afghan refugees' children in the country (Iran)."