Call for Int'l Coop. on Drug Campaign

Call for Int'l Coop. on Drug CampaignCall for Int'l Coop. on Drug Campaign

The envoy to the United Nations highlighted Iran's anti-narcotics efforts and appealed to the international community to contribute their share to the global campaign.

"As a country on the frontline of countering illicit drugs, the Islamic Republic of Iran has sustained huge life and property losses to deprive the merchants of death of the bulk of their illicit drugs and thus protect part of the global community from the evil of addiction," Hossein Dehqani added.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran calls for the adoption of a balanced and comprehensive strategy at all levels, away from political considerations, which ensures expansion of regional and international cooperation for the realization of the principle of collective and international shared responsibility."

The Iranian envoy made the call in an address to the Third Committee of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly focused on international drug control on Wednesday.

Dehqani lamented that little support has come from the international community for the drive against drug cartels, which are closely engaged with terrorist groups operating in the region, according to a transcript of his remarks carried by the website of Iran's UN mission.

"Unfortunately, for a long time, the brunt of the burden is mainly borne by transit countries like mine. While drug traffickers with obvious links to terrorist groups, including takfiri ones and organized crime gangs, are targeting the social fabric of our society and stealing our future and youth generation, the support provided by the international community so far has been negligible."

A takfiri regards followers of some Islamic sects who do not follow their extremist ideology as apostates punishable by death.


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