Reformists Reinforce Rouhani Reelection

Reformists Reinforce Rouhani ReelectionReformists Reinforce Rouhani Reelection

Reformists generally believe the incumbent moderate President Hassan Rouhani is the best potential nominee to represent them in the 2017 presidential vote, a member of the pro-reform National Trust Party said.

"Under the current circumstances, the best option considered by the reformist camp for the presidential election is to field Hassan Rouhani," Mohammad Javad Haqshenas said in an interview with IRNA on Monday.

He said the reformist camp is determined to appeal to the electorate by adjusting their agenda to popular demands, thereby helping foster national unity.

"Reformists will do their utmost to maintain maximum unanimity and act in a way to encourage the highest possible public turnout by seeking to uphold their [constitutional] rights and employ competent people," Haqshenas said.

"[They] are trying to sway the 'gray' voters. The rival [conservative] camp has realized it cannot win them over, so it is attempting to create disillusionment to deter them from the ballot box."

In the previous election in 2013, reformist candidate Mohammad Reza Aref withdrew in favor of Rouhani, who finally came out victorious.

A coalition of Rouhani's moderate supporters and reformists made substantial gains in the parliamentary votes earlier this year, in which the candidates on a joint list of the coalition swept all the 30 seats for the Tehran constituency in the 290-member parliament.


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