Hopes Alive for Historic Deal

Hopes Alive for Historic Deal
Hopes Alive for Historic Deal

Citing interviews with several Iranians, Inter Press Service has reported that the Iranian people are upbeat about the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the major powers on a final nuclear deal, which started in Vienna on Tuesday.                    

"I really hope for a fair agreement," a 30-year-old financial engineer living in Isfahan told IPS in a telephone interview.

"It is very important both economically and politically," he said.

A Tehrani citizen, who expects a final deal to be signed by the November 24 deadline, said it would "alleviate tensions and allow westerners to get to know the real Iran."

"Iran has been developing even under a massive sanctions regime, but when there is a final nuclear deal, the situation will be much better," said the medical engineer and tour guide.

"People are indeed very hopeful," Adnan Tabatabai, a Berlin-based analyst who regularly travels to Iran told IPS. "I have seen broad support and trust for (lead negotiator Mohammad) Javad Zarif among the people…he may well be the most popular politician in Iran."

Back in Tehran, a journalist who closely monitors the talks told IPS he expects at least a partial deal by the end of the month.

"On both sides there are rational people who want the deal… Both sides have shown some flexibility, and tried to fight (critics)," he said.

"They have gotten this far, and the final steps can be breathtaking…I am hopeful and optimistic," he added.

Tabatabai said Iranians were more likely to blame the US than their own government if no deal is concluded.

"In that case people may conclude that whether Iran’s foreign policy is provocative or reconciliatory, the isolation and demonization of their country will prevail," he said.

"This is exactly the main argument of opponents of a deal in Tehran," he added. "In their view, hostility toward Iran is a given—and if it's not channeled through the nuclear file, another issue will be used to maintain enmity with Iran."