Call for De-Escalation of Indo-Pak Tensions

Call for De-Escalation of Indo-Pak TensionsCall for De-Escalation of Indo-Pak Tensions

Stability in the region will suffer a serious blow if mounting tensions between India and Pakistan are not de-escalated, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson warned. Indian officials said elite troops crossed into Pakistan-ruled Kashmir on Thursday and killed suspected militants preparing to infiltrate and carry out attacks on major cities, in a surprise raid that raised tensions between the two rivals. “The continued conflict between India and Pakistan will further destabilize the region,” Bahram Qasemi was quoted by IRNA as saying on Friday. “The rise in tensions and sustained crisis between the two countries can be exploited by terrorist and extremist groups, and their backers to increase insecurity and instability in the region.” Pakistan said two of its soldiers were killed in exchanges of fire, but denied India had made any targeted strikes across the de facto frontier that runs through the disputed Himalayan territory, Reuters reported. Qasemi urged the two neighbors to resolve their differences through “sensible” and peaceful means.