US Incites Conflicts in Region

US Incites Conflicts in RegionUS Incites Conflicts in Region

The US is not willing to see Iraq’s northern city of Mosul liberated by the Iraqi Army and voluntary forces, a deputy foreign minister said, noting that the fall of Iraqi cities to terrorist groups has been in Washington’s favor.

Speaking on state television on Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari criticized the US for seeking “sectarian and ethnic conflicts” both in Iraq and Syria to achieve its objectives.

“The US is worried that the Iraqi military and voluntary forces would succeed in retaking Mosul from terrorist groups because it would stymie Washington’s plans in Iraq,” he said.

Ansari explained that to prevent the liberation of Iraqi cities, the fall of which have served US interests, Washington is trying to incite sectarian, tribal, ethnic and racial discord, and diversify the players to play its own game.

The Iraqi Army is geared to launch a large-scale offensive to liberate Mosul, which has been proclaimed by the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group as its headquarters in Iraq. Mosul fell to IS terrorists in summer 2014.